Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review of "Super Street Fighter 4"

So I haven't done a video game review for a while, so I picked up Super Street Fighter 4 for my Playstation 3 over the weekend, and have had a chance to put some time into it now.

If you played the one that came out last year, the graphics are just as clean, crisp, and beautiful as they were back then. The artistic style they chose for the characters really stands out with their fast movements, and crazy combos that they can pull off. All of it comes across clear and the only time you can get confused is if your opponent is causing it. For this version they even added a bit more to the characters as they have two additional colors, one is a sort of pen outlined, and the other is sort of sketchbook looking. I'm not a fan of either, but for people that like the look they are there.

The most important aspect of a fighting game is the ease of the gameplay. Just pick up and play would fit this game well, however if you want to be good, or even great, there is a lot of depth to get into here. If you've played any other version of Street Fighter over the years, you know the basics. This one goes deeper, with Focus Attacks, Ultra Combos, and Special Combos which add depth and a bit of strategy to the fights. It's not just who can pull off the best combos and land the most hits, if you can manage to counter that super Combo into one of your own, you can go from a lost cause into a victory pretty quick. For me, personally, it can be frustrating, because I'm not that good at the game. But watching some of the things that can be done with the move set by more experienced players it makes me want to learn to get better.

This one has a few more features than the last version. It has the training, the versus, the arcade, but this time around, they added more features to the online mode. It is easier to get a match, and there is a bit more variety in the matches. You have endless battle where if you win, you keep fighting, but if you lose, you go to the back of an imaginary line to wait your turn again. Pretty fun to be had here, if you can manage to make it past one or two fights. Then there is team battle, which you can up to 4 versus 4 going at it in single matches until one teams members are all defeated. This is pretty fun, unless you run into someone who is more talented than your entire team.

This game is well worth the budget price of $40.00 as it is has more features, and maintains the same flawless controls that the original had. It also adds ten new characters, which I'm still learning, but there is quite the variety between them.

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