Monday, May 31, 2010

Beginner Poker strategy

So I haven't done a poker related post in a bit, so I wanted to share some basics for those of you that play. Mainly because I would love for my wife, who reads this to maybe pick up on the game more than just watching me.

Starting hands:
When you are first starting you want to stick with the top ten, may fifteen hands. These hands have better odds than the others. The odds maybe be better at the start, but once the flop comes out, it's a whole different story. So just for your information as a beginner the hands you want to play in order are:

1. A,A
2. K,K
3. Q,Q
4. J,J
5. A,K (Suited)
6. 10,10
7. A,Q (Suited)
8. A,J (Suited)
9. A,K
10. K,Q (Suited)
11. A,10 (Suited)
12. K,J (Suited)
13. A,Q
14. 9,9
15. Q,J (Suited)

So there you go, it's usually a good bet that this hands could start you off on the right foot. Now if I get some good comments, I might start a weekly poker post with more strategies.

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  1. I've been playing a bit of online poker lately.. But not for real money unfortunately, since I don't know the strategies yet.. Anyway, it's an app in facebook and I think that your tips can really help beginners like me.. Thanks..

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