Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taking feedback

So I've been doing this a long time now, I have to comment on how I receive feedback. I take it in stride, with the belief that they are trying to help me. I might be different in that I have a filter in place to not to take it personally. I know writer is personal and some take it that way, but I do this mainly for the fact that this way it doesn't make me want to quit.

I've gotten some harsh feedback when I was beginning and have to thank those that helped me back then. I have also gotten some feedback that I didn't agree with, and you have to be able to let it slide, otherwise it can fester, boil and bleed into your writing, and that won't help you, but hinder you in the end.

The key is trusting yourself. If you believe that your story is strong, that your characters are filled with flaws, and know where you want to take it, it will make it easier and more useful to receive feedback. Once you can allow yourself to see your own work objectively, is when you can really become better.

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