Monday, May 10, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

Feeling the anxiety grow with the other officers, he knew that this journey had taken a toll on them. They jumped at every little sound from the abandoned buildings. One officer opened fire on a shadow that moved weird, which got him chewed out by Officer Reynolds.

Something about wasting ammo or something, and the officer was left with only a baton for the remainder of the journey. It wouldn’t do him any good when they got to where they were going.

Cresting over the top of a hill, Reynolds seemed to get more fleet of foot as he led the way, but stopped and in the light from below, the blood drained from his face in an instant. Kyle even saw a quiver in his square chin.

The bright light came from the high school football stadium, but you couldn’t tell what it was, because the creatures had attacked and done so in such a fashion that the gates were bent over, pieces of decaying flesh stuck to links as they used their bodies to crush the fence.

Inside the field, many tents, which probably held injured and other officers alike were splattered with blood, limbs, and the occasional creature feasting on a poor soul. Kyle’s stomach churned as the stench reached all of them. Reynolds gripped his gun and turned to his men.

“We’re going down there to search for survivors.”

He wouldn’t get to finish as gun fire erupted behind them. The growls came in a large fast wave. Screams followed and Kyle rushed back to Anna. Her eyes were wide with terror as she shrunk against the back of the SWAT truck. Officers came running toward the commotion, but the creatures came out of the buildings like this was planned. Dozens poured upon the officers who tried to kill them, but for every officer there were ten of the creatures.

Kyle shot the chain connecting Anna to the SWAT truck and pulled her away from the oncoming swarm.

Reynolds saw him retreating, but couldn’t do anything as the swarm converged on him. He disappeared beneath the mass of decayed bodies, bones and tissue snapping just as he fired off his gun. The creatures kept coming and Kyle led Anna by the wrists. She stumbled over the curb and they both fell.

She pulled off her gag, tears streaking her face. “I can’t do it anymore.”

“Don’t be stupid. Come on.” Kyle grabbed the chain between the cuffs and dragged her onward. He saw a building in the corner where no creatures seemed to be coming from and his mind centered on that. The abandoned cars along the curb slowed the creatures down as they had to maneuver around and over them to get to the last remaining treats, Kyle and Anna.

With the early morning cold wind rising up, Kyle had to fight against the pain of his knuckles locking around the chain of the cuffs and pulling Anna behind him.

“Come on, we aren’t going to become their breakfast.” Kyle tugged and she fell again. He wanted to yell at her, but stopped as the creatures continued to rush. They were surrounding them like a well organized group. Stench filled breath and dead eyes fell upon Kyle and Anna.

Remembering that he had a gun, he started shooting at the nearest creatures. They went down momentarily as the bullets knocked them backward, but it didn’t kill them. It seemed to add to their desire.

All he could see were the creatures, as they came closer, growling and staring at them.

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