Monday, May 31, 2010

Curious George 2 Review

So over the three day weekend, my son was introduced to this famous little monkey in the form of Curious George 2. No to say that my son's nickname was monkey to begin with was expanded upon by the fact that he made monkey sounds every time this George on the screen. This was very cute, as well as comical because it was like pseudo Surround Sound. Now it got me to thinking I remember reading the Curious George books when I was younger and loving them, so I've gone full circle with my son. Pretty cool.

So let me just say that this movie was pretty good and true to the concept. I did enjoy the story for the most part, but I think it holds a special place because of my son's reaction. It's a similar thing with my daughter and Enchanted. So if you have a little monkey crawling around your house, give this movie a shot, he/she might just help you recall the innocence that is Curiosity.

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