Sunday, May 9, 2010

Character Interviews?

So I've done one in the past. It was fun for me, but not sure if anyone else liked it.

What are some of the questions that you would ask your characters if you wanted to get to know them better?

Would you want to know more about their personal stuff, or more stuff oriented to the story you are telling?

I tend to do a bit of both, but focus more on the personal stuff, because that's what makes them easy to relate to. So some of the basic questions I ask my characters are:

How many siblings do you have?
What is your goal in life?
Who do you dislike/like the most?
What are most scared of?
What would you do if you were going to die in the next 24 hours?

What sort of questions do you like to know about your character before you get started? I'm curious, and I might post a question and answer to another one of my characters in the future.

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