Monday, May 3, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

It seemed like forever, the time dragged on, the darkness surrounding them from all sides. The creatures steady growl grew louder the further they moved into the city. Soon the houses that they had been walking by grew into small businesses.

Kyle’s legs grew heavy, his shoes scuffed along the pavement and sweat ran down his throbbing temples. The police officers were efficient, they took out every undead they ran across, mostly in groups of three or four, but one neared ten. The swat trunk moved at a quicker pace, and Anna tumbled to the ground a few moments later. It didn’t stop and drug her behind for a moment.

His chest filled with anger and he hurried to her side, letting her use his arms to get up with. She almost stumbled again and he caught her in the crook of his elbows. The officers saw this and moved toward them.

“Stay separated, or else.”

Kyle glared at the officer, unable to speak, but tried to make his intentions felt. The officer didn’t care and shoved them apart.

Pulling against the shackles proved useless and he almost stumbled as the chain yanked him with the truck. The officer smiled, and shook his head. Just as he did, a group of zombies, sprung out of a van they were passing. The officer vanished into a mist of blood, which coated Kyle and Anna torsos.

Her muffled screams shook the chains as she ran into Kyle. He tried to embrace her, but he didn’t have time. The creatures had started to swarm from the nearby buildings. The SWAT truck stopped, and the gunfight started. Creatures fell in droves, but they continued to pour out of the building. The group which came out of the van disintegrated in a flurry of bullets the moment the officer’s screams died down.

Kyle helped Anna up onto the back lip of the truck and out of the way. As he pulled himself up off of bloody cement, creatures came from another side. They took out a patrol car in a flood of growls. Blood painted the car red as the dwindling officers turned their attention to the new threat.

After about four dozen creatures were dispatched, the shooting stopped and Kyle pinned Anna to the wall of the van.

The commanding officer came around the side and looked at them. He smiled, the five o’clock shadow reflected in the flash lights on him. “What do you think you are doing?

Kyle tried to answer, but the gag chocked his words back and he coughed.

This made the officer smile broader; his teeth were coated in black stuff, a bit of the tobacco dribbled down his chin. He spit a large chunk of it to the ground. The sound stirred Kyle’s stomach for a moment.

“The kid wants to talk. Take his gag off.”

Two officers, their riot gear coated in blood and entrails, pulled Kyle off the truck and undid his gag. He grimaced, flexed his jaw and chomped twice. A loud satisfying pop rocked his mouth. He winced. “We’re not one of them. I want to help you guys.”

The officers standing behind him snickered, but stopped the moment the commanding officer turned his intense gaze on them.

“You wanna join us?” He scratched his chin. It sounded like sandpaper against his fingers.

“Yes.” Kyle didn’t care for the sir thing, but he kept his gaze on the commanding officer the best he could. “Looks like you lost some here.”

“Don’t these things scare you?” He asked.

“Yeah, who wouldn’t be?”

The commanding officer didn’t smile, his gaze roving over Kyle.

Kyle tried to hide the shiver that ran up his spine, but the commanding officer noticed. He turned to the officer’s behind Kyle. “Sure you seem to be up to the challenge. Unlock him.”

“And her too.” Kyle backed toward Anna.

“No. She’s a girl. We have other plans for her.” The officers laughed.

Anna shrunk a few inches against the truck.

“She’s my girlfriend. She can handle herself.”

“If you do well on the way to camp, we’ll see. Maybe you can get first dibs.” An evil gaze passed over the officer’s face.

Kyle couldn’t meet his hungry gaze and looked down at the officer’s badge. “Officer Reynolds”

He would learn to hate that name within the next few hours.

As the shackles dropped from his wrists, Kyle looked up at the horizon. The sun had crept up to the tops of the buildings. He had been awake for over twenty four hours now and so far, it had seemed like a year. Creature blood plastered his arms and neck.

An officer handed him a pistol. “Don’t shoot your foot off.”

Kyle held the heavy gun in one hand and turned toward Anna. Her face had gone pale. He knew what was running through her head, and promised himself that he wouldn’t let them do anything to her.

“Round up. We’re moving out.” Officer Reynolds ordered over the bull horn.

Kyle checked the safety of his gun and followed the SWAT truck, keeping close to Anna as it pulled them along. “I’ll get us out of here.”

She didn’t nod or anything, but her rasping breath squeezed around the gag, her eyes lowered and blood dripped off her chin.

How should Kyle rescue Anna?

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