Monday, April 26, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

Slowly his wits came back and Kyle picked himself up off the grass. His ears still rung from the silence that followed the bullets. A few straggling creatures were felled by a short burst here and there.

“Move forward slowly. Keep an eye out and shoot first then we’ll figure out what it was.” Someone yelled in the distance over a bullhorn.

Willing his feet forward, Kyle ducked behind the fence. Lights streamed across the street, body parts littered the street. A moment later, a SWAT van drove up the street, its large tires rolling over the bodies with ease. Blood, and tissue melted out from inside the bodies as the vehicle squished the corpses. On either side of the truck were three well armed police offices, dressed in riot gear and armed to the teeth with small automatic guns.

Fear welled up in Kyle’s stomach, but he fought it back. This was his rescue; he needed to see if they would help him. About to stand up, he stopped the moment he saw Anna being led behind the truck, her hands were bound and a gag tied around her head. She looked down at her shuffling feet, her cheeks wet with tears and a fresh bruise along her cheek.

Rage overtook the fear and he clutched a rock. The thought of her being tied up and beaten by these officers blinded him, but he was able to regain his composure when the nearest officer shot into a wiggling creature. Blood sprayed the street in a small burst like a firecracker exploding a pumpkin. Knowing better than to rush out there blindly, he remained ducked down behind the fence. They passed slowly, light flashing over the area in a wide arc. As the truck passed, Kyle saw another two police cars with two officers each inside following.

Anna was as good as being surrounded by a million of those creatures. A sudden urge to sneeze filled Kyle’s chest, and he couldn’t help himself and let it out.

Immediately, bullets fired off in his direction. Knowing this was coming, he dove out of the bushes away from where he was. Dirt and pieces of the fence shot up into the sky as bullets shredded the area.

He pulled his hands over his head and chomped down on his tongue to stop the scream that boiled up in his chest. With his eyes shut, voices shouted and people were approaching. He scurried away from the sound, but stopped as someone shot near him. Dirt shot into his face and he dropped down. Spread his hands. “I’m not one of them.”

“Tie him up and bring him by the girl.” The same voice behind the loud speaker ordered.

His arms were twisted behind him, and he was lifted off the ground. Shackles locked around his wrists and a gag was placed into his mouth. Lights and sweat flooded his senses. He squinted and they shoved him forward. A moment later, he was tied up next to Anna and the truck started to move on.

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