Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review of "The Hurt Locker"

So I just saw this movie this Sunday night. I was intrigued by the Oscar nods it got this season and the win for Best Picture made it a must see for me. I have a habit of seeing previous winners, and this one fit the same bill.

I found the story was very interesting, mainly for the fact of how it handled the characters. Like me, I always get hooked by the characters, and this movie's three main characters, and the stuff they endured was eye-opening. I have had friends who served over there, and won't say much about it, and after seeing this films portrayal, I can see why, it changes you. The story of a bomb squad, sorry if the label is wrong, but basically, this has to be the worst job in the world. There is no way they have a low stress level at all. So the plot isn't very much story centered, I would say it is driven by the characters, and glad it was, because it was stronger for it.

I'm going to focus on the main character as he's the one who we spent the most time with. He is a crazy guy, but has a heart underneath his hard exterior. The way the movie portrays his opening scene where he's a wild card, into someone who the group starts to trust was masterfully done. He has a sad arch, because no matter what he does, his normal life can't live up to what he does in the war, so he goes back. Completely sad.

Since this was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, the ex-wife of James Cameron, I wanted to mention that I felt that she did a wonderful job. The shot choices were deliberate, and upped the emotional impact of scene after scene. I would say that she did a better job than Cameron did with Avatar in portrayal of both characters, and action.

Found this film worth seeing. Would I buy it? Probably not, only for the fact that it is depressing in many ways, so I wouldn't watch it again for many years. Gave it a 4/5 for sure.

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