Sunday, April 18, 2010

Favorite writing moments

Have you ever just sat down and wrote out an entire scene that just blew everything you thought you were capable of out of the water? I have.

It was when I first sat down to write a scene for my current book that I'm querying, where I just felt one with the POV character and the scene unfolded in front of me perfectly. Granted afterwards, as most writers do, I still had to revisit the scene to add a bit here and there. Still the essence was there from the first time I wrote it down.
It was a scene that I felt very powerful about as I have lost both of my parents and when I got to the scene, I was emotionally ready to let it out on the page. I think the emotions and actions were authentic because of the connection I could feel. The fear, the uncertainty, the desire to find someone to take out your anger at, all of them played into the scene.

What are some of your favorite scenes that you've written? What made them so special? Why did it click and did it go through many changes after the fact?

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  1. I think the best scenes I've written come from authentic emotional places, just like yours. :)