Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WiP Wednesday

So another Wednesday and I decided to post an update to my current Work in Progress. Since my writing group has picked up recently, I have found myself reinvigorated in terms of my own writing, especially this piece. So after posting the first chapter, and getting a sense from other people, that it doesn't completely suck, I have decided to do something that I knew in the back of my head I had to do, but didn't want to. I am going to add a new chapter 2 to the book.

It's needed, trust me. Otherwise, it jumps right into a relationship that needs to be setup more than it currently is. I love how it grows as it is, but something has been missing, and that thing has been a sense of what it was like before everything fell apart. So I'm going to add that and it's going to rock, because everything I do on my first attempt rocks.... well maybe not, but when I'm writing it, it will be the best that it can be at that time.

So how are your projects going? Anything to share of note?


  1. I need to add a new chapter two, too. I change locales far too quickly at the moment.

    Here's to hoping your new chapter rocks! <:D

  2. How awesome that you can see the gap in your writing. I usually can't see stuff like that until someone hits me over the head with it. Good luck writing chapter two!

  3. Thank you two. And Good Luck to you to Deb.

  4. Good luck with chapter two. I'm in a weird revision land working through chapter one and revising chapter twenty in this cycle.