Monday, September 27, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

“Get the window. I’ll slow them down.” Anna said pushing the footlocker against the door. It scraped along the wood bringing a chill up along her arms.

The growl grew on the other side of the three inch think wood separating them from the creatures. They banged against barricade, vibrating it and sending splinters through the door. It would only take them minutes before they got through.

She turned to Kyle, who still clung to the girl. He hadn’t moved. “Kyle, get the window. We need to get out of here.” She snapped and he jerked.

“Sorry.” He set the girl down and pried the window open. It screeched as it rose. A stench filled the room. Decay, dirt, grim, and death awaited them outside, but inside it would be worse. The first fist came through the wood. Fresh blood coated the yellow fingers as it tore at the opening.

Stumbling back, Anna let out a gasp. They were only inches away and hungrier than before. “Get the girl; we need to get out of here.”

Kyle had already started through the window with the girl before Anna ordered him. She remained fixated on the fingers clawing the small opening, working it wider by the moment.

“Anna come on!” Kyle shouted at her, snapping her from the panic.

She darted to the window and kicked one leg out when the door caved in. Creatures poured in like a wave of limbs. Blood splattered the frame as they climbed over each other to get inside. Some were missing fingers, ears, eyes, jaws, whole arms, and many had fresh flesh in their snapping teeth as they started toward her.

She slammed the window, which shattered the glass, cutting her finger. Blood shot across the windowsill as she pulled her hand to her mouth. A second later, a decaying creature was licking at the fresh blood like an alcoholic to a new bottle of bourbon.

Growls greeted them as reached the edge of the roof. They weren’t as dense as inside, but creatures were approaching from all sides. Their dead eyes locked on the fresh meat on the roof twelve feet off the ground.

“Look for a way down? She can’t make this jump.” Anna said already searching for a way down, as the creatures started to slither through the narrow window. Most didn’t mind the glass as it peeled away their skin, leaving chunks of congealed blood on the glass.

Kyle started toward the corner of the roof, peering down. “I can jump down first and then you can drop her to me.”

Not finding any other solution she nodded. “Fine, but be careful.”

Without another word, Kyle set the girl down and leapt off of the roof. Immediately an unseen creature jumped on him. He threw the creature off as it only had one arm, but it had already started to get back up.

“Kyle look out.” Another creature had approached from behind. He dodged it and ran away from the house. More creatures came from the house following him as he darted around the corner of the house and out of sight.

“Kyle!” The girl screamed, which echoed in the surrounding hillside. “Come back, you promised that you wouldn’t leave me.”

Anna’s heart broke as the girl remained crouched at the corner of the roof searching for Kyle among the dozens of creatures shuffling among the yard.

Turning to the approaching sound, Anna found three creatures had made it through the window with a fourth squirming his one armed self through the opening.