Monday, September 13, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

“What’s your idea?” She said reluctantly.

The red hue returned and Donovan had moved down to the bottom of the steps. Sweat coated his forehead, and the red gleamed in his eyes. A sinister smirk rested on his lips. “I think we should try to reach the military base.”

“What about holding up in here?” She asked, already wary of her choice. Something about the gleam in his eyes made the skin on the back of her neck crawl.

“They will break in eventually. We can’t keep it as secure as they could.” He stepped forward. “Come on, with my power, we should be fine.”

She lowered the gun. He made a bit of sense, but with Kyle in danger, she needed more than just a bit of sense. “What about Kyle?”

“I can protect them.” He stepped closer. The gleam in his eye grew. “Come on, let’s get ready to leave.”

He reached his hand out to her, and she stepped back. Her gut twisted as a low growl moved past the window. They were already closing in. “What about the little girl? You think we can protect them both?”

Donovan flinched. The little girl was his weakness, he had to protect her.

She raised her gun again. “You…”

“Hey! I’m on your side.” Donovan raised his hands. “I swear.”

Someone moved down the steps. With the red glow in front of her, she couldn’t make it out, but knew it could only be one of two people who they left up there. “Kyle?”

“Yeah it’s me. What’s going on?” Kyle stopped on the bottom step. Only his silhouette stood out against the red.

“Donovan here wants to make another run to the army base.” She said.

“Did you tell him he’s crazy? That’s suicide.” Kyle stepped up to the feet of her uncle. With him being closer she saw that he was holding the little girl. It made her hear flip seeing him with the girl on his hip. She snuggled up against his sore shoulder. Her hand rested on the wound and with amazement she saw a soft white light through her fingers.

Not letting on to Donovan, she nodded to Kyle.

“So are you with me?” Donovan asked.

“Tell me again, what is with the girl. How did you find her?” She turned the gun on him again.

The glint faded in his eyes and the sneer rose on his lips. “I saved her from the car she was trapped in.”

“Why though? What were you doing there?” She was hoping to get the truth.

“Right place at the right time, I guess. Lucky for the girl.” Donovan lowered his hands. He wiggled his fingers and the room temperature rose a few degrees. With each wiggle, the red light flickered across her uncle’s corpse, giving him a decayed demonic look.

Not wanting to do what she knew she had to do, Anna tightened her finger on the trigger. Something wasn’t right with Donovan, and from the look in his eyes, he was planning something. “Why didn’t you tell us about the girl being able to heal?”

Donovan’s smirk faded. He raised his hands, heat radiating from the tips. Shadows cast from the light raced along the walls and she opened fire. The gun kicked back, shocked her wrist and she dropped it.

Darkness surrounded them and she heard Donovan cussing. “You shot me, why did you do that?” He scrambled along on the floor toward the steps.

“Kyle keep her away from him.” Anna screamed. She dropped to her knees searching for the gun.

A scuffle happened by the steps and the girl screamed. Creatures growled and started to bang on the front door. They knew they were here now. They had made more than enough noise. All the terror began to bubble up in her chest. She didn’t know how things had gotten so messed up.

Unable to find the gun, Anna darted toward the scuffling sound. Determined to save the girl from Donovan. The girl was special and didn’t deserve being held captive by a lunatic. “Kyle!”

Anna lunged and grabbed onto Donovan. The warm blood from his wound slicked her hands as she struggled to get a grip on him. He bucked her off like a horse and she fell against the floor. Hitting her head, a ringing started in her head and she struggled back to her feet. Her knees shook as she reached for the wall to steady her.

Red light blinded her as Donovan loomed over her. The wound in his upper shoulder glistened in the light. “You will not take her from me.” He said and dropped to one knee. Lowering his hands to her face, she felt the temperature rise steadily. Her skin warmed and she knew if he touched her that he could cook her from the inside.

The rattling against the door intensified as the creatures seemed to catch a whiff of her warming flesh. She did the only thing she could think of doing and that was gouging him in the eyes.

He recoiled, bringing his own hands up to his face. Almost instantly she got a chill from the change in temperature and he dropped to the side. He had pressed his own hands against his face. The skin blistered almost instantly and he screamed and rolled off of her. The red went out soon after, but not before she saw his own power had seared his eyes out of his head.

Kicking him away from her, she pulled herself up.

The dark heightened her other senses and it sounded like the front door was going to break down any minute now.

What should Anna do?

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