Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playstation Move Review

So my wife talked me into getting a Move on release day recently.

I have heard many things about it before it came out. Was it the Wii just in HD? Was it as accurate as they say it was? What made it different than the Wii?

So after playing with it for a week I am ready to give my review.

The controls work well. I have two move controllers and really enjoy the way they work. They are pretty precise, but this depends on whether or not you calibrate them correctly. I will elaborate on that point a bit later. The games that I have tried so far have been decent, about even with the current stuff on the Wii in terms of control and gameplay. Nothing too spectacular.

The one game that I have spent the most time with is Sports Champions, which came with the bundle. The controls work very well in a sport environment such as these. My wife and I enjoy all the games pretty equally except for Bocce Ball, mainly because we have never heard of it before, so it's learning the rules as well as the controls.

I have played all the demo's that have been released, and the one that really stuck out to me was Tumble. It is sort of like a Jenga clone. The demo level that I played with my wife was us building a tower out of the parts and scoring points. When pieces fell, we lost points. Pretty simple, but it works well and is a great showcase of the precision of the controller.

Now on to the only thing that I have found lacking in the Move, the calibration. It is very finicky and if you don't do it right, it can mess up the experience. This is primarily the cause of my frustration because at times the camera can pick up other objects in the room and if they are lit up at the right spectrum, it can cause the game to flip out. I have experienced it most playing the Archery game, where my son would run across the room carrying some toy, and the light would reflect off of it, causing my aim to shoot to the floor. Now it doesn't happen all the time, only once in a while, but it is something that needs to be addressed.

So I would rate the product a solid 4.5/5 and recommend it to my friends who have a Playstation.

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