Sunday, September 12, 2010

Writing place

So this past weekend my wife allowed me to get a couple of hours alone at the library, which worked wonders in sparking my muse. I found the quiet and the new location to motivate me again after I had been dragging my feet to start my next draft, but after getting this time to really focus on writing without any of the distractions I found a new place that I would like to spend more time at, at least while I'm doing revisions.

I used to have an office, but we had to change that into my Son's bedroom now that he's old enough to sleep in his own bed. So I lost out on that section of the house, because my office is now mixed in with the kid's playroom. This makes it practically impossible to write when the kids are awake as I need some semblance of peace and quiet while writing so I have had to change my writing schedule to more late night sessions. I will adjust, or at least I hope I will, but it definitely is a change that has been hard to get used to.

So what are your favorite places to write? Do you have a place set aside to write in?

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