Monday, September 20, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

The door splintered at the top of the frame.

“Don’t let them get me. Please don’t.” Donovan said as he rolled around on the ground. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air.

Anna coughed at the scent, it stung her nose at it rose up her nostrils. Fanning at the smell, she started up the steps. The creature’s growl intensified.

“Please don’t. I don’t want to die.” Donovan cried. He found her leg and pulled on it like a lost child.

She grimaced at the thought of using him for his powers, but it might prove useful. “Get up. Head to your right and use your power. They might fear the heat.”

“You really think so.” He asked hopeful for a moment.

“Yeah.” She didn’t believe it for one moment, but it would buy her some time.

He turned on shaky legs and started toward the door, the red hue rose again. The temperature went up a few degrees.

The creatures didn’t seem to mind, and only intensified their crashing against the door. It came down a few bangs later.

Anna had already started up the steps. Donovan’s screams were muffled by the sounds of his own flesh being ripped from his bones. They weren’t scared of the heat for a moment, which only meant she had less time than she had hoped.

“Kyle, get the girl, we are leaving.” She reached the top of the steps. Her breath came in quick gasps and she rushed toward the room where Kyle and girl were holed up.

The creatures had already begun to make their way up the steps. Their shuffling footsteps cracking against the wooden steps like a confused army. The growls had been lowered as they had eaten, but still fresh meat was only another door away.

Anna slammed the door and with Kyle’s help they stuffed the bed up against the door. Almost immediately it quivered from the first wave of creatures crashing into the door like a wave of flesh.

The girl started to cry. Kyle swooped her up into his arms and tried to soothe her. He looked adorable with the girl clutching to him, and the color had returned to his face. He almost looked like the boy that she fell for months ago.

Scanning the bare room, Anna had to find a way out. A small wooden dresser, and a footlocker were all that were left in the room. The girl quivered in Kyle’s arms and the crashing grew as she looked over her options.

What should Anna do?

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