Monday, September 6, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

Donovan lunged forward. The glow from his fingers reflected in his pupils.

Anna fell to the side, not nimbly, not graceful, just sort of fell over hoping that she would get away. It worked for the moment as Donovan came up with nothing but air.

Gathering her wits about her, Anna rolled to her stomach, jumped up and darted for the door. A weapon, need something. She tore the door aside and darted down the hall. Not sure if Donovan was following and too scared to look over her shoulder, she reached the top of the steps and propelled herself down them. Her heartbeat matched the rapping of her shoes against the carpet.

She crashed into the wall at the end of the steps, sending a shock through her shoulder. She let out her breath, which she didn’t realize she was holding, and looked up the steps, expecting to see Donovan coming down on her.

The stairs were empty. Not a sign of any sort of pursuit. She kept her focus, shoved off the wall, and headed toward her uncle’s office in the back room. Leaping over his body, she started to search the room for anything that could be used to protect herself.

Kyle screamed from upstairs, a blood curdling scream that iced her lungs. She wanted to cry, her stomach churned, and her knees quivered. She left Kyle up there with a maniac with glowing hands. Ripping open the drawers, she let the contents spill to the floor only taking another look at anything that glinted like metal.

Papers continued to fall until she caught sight of a revolver that tumbled out of the last drawer. She glanced toward the steps again, but still she was alone.

The growls had grown closer, she didn’t know how close, but close enough that she had too many problems to deal with on her own.

Kyle bawled again, pleading for something to stop. “Anna! Help me!”

Not thinking twice, she grabbed the revolver and headed back to the steps. She stopped, looking down at her uncle. Flies had started to make his body their home. Already a few new maggots were squirming behind the ear she could see. Her stomach clenched, and if she had eaten anything recently, her uncle would have been covered in it.

Shaky, she lowered to her knees. Trying to clear her thoughts, she checked the cylinder of the revolver. Three out of six were filled. She clicked it back into place and brought the barrel to her forehead. The cool metal against her burning skin felt relaxing. She cocked back the hammer and a single tear ran down her cheek. It would be so easy to end it just like this. All her problems would be over. No more worries, no more trouble, she would be at peace.

“Anna?” Donovan called out to her. “Kyle’s fine. He was having a nightmare.”

She thought about biting her tongue, make him come after her, but she didn’t. “You’re lying.”

“I can explain.” Donovan said. The top step squeaked as he started down.

Lowering the gun toward the steps, she remained kneeled. “Come down here then.”

Another two steps and his first foot came into view. She had to use her other hand to keep the finger from pulling the trigger too early.

“It started the same time these creatures started popping up.” Donovan braved another step.

Not really listening, Anna focused on keeping her breathing steady.

A red hue slipped down the step, illuminating the room.

Seeing that again, her hand started to shake. “Why did you attack me?”

“I was scared you were going to hurt the girl.”

“I would never hurt her.” She spit back.

“I don’t know you that well. We just want to be left alone.” His knees became visible.

“You saved my boyfriend.”

“I know, but I get a bit crazy sometimes.” His waist came into view.

Sweat ran down her cheek, dripping down to her t-shirt. She had to decide soon.

“Stay where you are.” She said. “I have a weapon.”

“A weapon? Are you going to hurt me?” Donovan asked. One foot had moved down a step, so she saw the bottom of his shirt. “I wanted to apologize.”

“Stop moving.” Her finger inched closer to the trigger. The metal compressed slightly, any sudden move she would fire.

He stopped on the next step, his chest rising and falling beneath his shirt. “Please, accept my apology. I will help you secure this place. I have an idea.”

The red hue faded, leaving behind a darkness she didn’t recall being there before.

What should Anna do?


  1. Eek! I don't like my choices!

    How about she makes him back up the stairs, and check on Kyle.

    Growls? Growls?!? Her uncle?

  2. Sorry about the lack of choices. The growls aren't from her uncle, oh no. His brains are already destroyed. It's from the ones outside.