Sunday, September 19, 2010

NFL Pick'em for Week 3

So I'm not very good at this it seems. Last week, I ended up 7 and 9. That's not even a playoff team unless you are in the NFC West. Anyway, for the year I am 15 and 17. Time to turn this around, maybe comments on each game will help me. Maybe I should pick against my team... Nah, so probably at least already 0-1 for the week, but here it goes anyway:

49ers @ Chiefs - Chiefs have played strong the last two weeks, and the 49ers look like they finally got some swagger back that they were missing. - 49ers win.
Titans @ Giants - Titans didn't look sharp at all against the Steelers, but neither did the Giants. I'm going Giants because they are at home.
Steelers @ Buccaneers - Buccaneers beat the Panthers at home, but aren't for real yet. Steelers win this one easy.
Lions @ Vikings - Favre looks his age, and the Lion's have been playing inspired. However, I think Favre bounces back and plays well. I think the Lions deserve this one after being so close twice now.
Falcons @ Saints - Falcons put up a ton of points last week against the Cardinals, but the Saints can keep up. I pick the Saints.
Browns @ Ravens - Ravens have too strong of a defense for the Browns to win. Ravens win by two scores.
Bills @ Patriots - Patriots looked average against the Jets. The Bills are still the worst team in the AFC. Patriots.
Bengals @ Panthers - Bengals have Batman (Ochocinco) and Robin (T.O), the Panthers might be starting a rookie QB. I think it inspires the Panthers to win this one.
Cowboys @ Texans - Cowboys look confused and have too many weaknesses. The Texans are a serious team this year. Texans win the battle of Texas.
Redskins @ Rams - Redskins put up almost 500 yards against the Texans and still lost. The Rams haven't put up more than 300 yards a game yet. Redskins easy.
Eagles @ Jaguars - Jaguars looked like I thought they should have been the first week. 7 Turnovers won't happen again, but the Eagles win by ten.
Chargers @ Seahawks - Seahawks were brought back to earth last week, and the Chargers looked like themselves. As long as it's not rainy, the Chargers win this one.
Raiders @ Cardinals - Both teams are horrible, but at least they are better than the Bills and Rams, I think this one is going to be close with the Raiders winning behind a strong defense and new quarterback.
Colts @ Broncos - Colts came back to form against the Giants last week, but so did the Broncos. I think the Colts win, but it will be close because these teams usually fight tooth and nail against each other.
Jets @ Dolphins - I hate the Jets, and the Dolphins have played well so far this year. I think this one will be another close low scoring game like the Jets first game, and this time the Jets sneak out with a win on a last second field goal.
Packers @ Bears - Bears have looked better than expected, however the Packers are the best team in the NFC currently. The rivalry will be reunited, but I think the Packers win this one by fourteen.

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