Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football weekend

This weekend is the opening weekend of the NFL. I'm a HUGE fan of the NFL, probably been following it with a passion since about 1999. I have to thank a lot of my coworkers at the time who talked football all the time at work. I started talking to them about the Draft, Training Camps, etc., and this led to my year around football hunger.

Do you guys have any sports passion be it baseball, hockey, basketball, or soccer?

Just FYI, my favorite team is the Carolina Panthers in the NFC South. This year I am planning on catching more College Football as well. Well as much as my wife will allow me as she isn't a fan of sports, so it can be a touchy subject sometimes.

Any tips from my women readers on how to keep the delicate balance of sports and women?

BTW for fun, I'm going to predict the winners of the games this weekend.

Vikings @ Saints - Vikings
Browns @ Buccaneers - Browns
Dolphins @ Bills - Dolphins
Bengals @ Patriots - Patriots
Colts @ Texans - Colts
Broncos @ Jaguars - Broncos
Falcons @ Steelers - Steelers
Raiders @ Titans - Raiders
Panthers @ Giants - Panthers
Lions @ Bears - Bears
Cardinals @ Rams - Cardinals
Packers @ Eagles - Packers
49ers @ Seahawks - 49ers
Cowboys @ Redskins - Redskins
Ravens @ Jets - Ravens
Chargers @ Chiefs - Chargers

There you have it, I will keep a running tally of my correct picks.

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