Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heavy Rain PS3 Review

This past week I've been playing a lot of this game. I played the demo a long while back when it first came out and was intrigued, but wasn't enough to buy it. However, now that Blockbuster Online allows Game rentals without a due date, I picked this game up again. After downloading a 1GB sized patch, which allows it to be played with the Move, I fired it up and started through the story on Monday.

It is broken up through many different viewpoints and I think that what makes it work so well. A lot of the characters have some major flaws associated with them, but I won't go through them because they sort of ruin some of the story elements. I think the way that the story unfolds and how the characters are portrayed trying to solve the mystery is pretty interesting. I like how the way that every action you take influences the story in some way, so if you mess up one scene, it will carry over in the next one with that character. Some of them are major ways, and some not so major ways.

The major reason I wanted to try the game again was because of the Move implementation, and I have to say that it improves the immersion into the story. It does this by having you do little things, like turn the key in the ignition of the car, or open and close a closet door, etc, and because this story has a slow, but tense, pace, it really helps make you feel like you are performing the actions.

I have heard that there are 7 different endings in the story and I only witnessed one, and I'm not even sure it was the "happy" ending or not, but it tied up the events in the story well enough.

So I would definitely recommend this game for a rental, but if you are into games with deep stories, it would be a purchase. The only reason I didn't buy it is because at times it becomes a chore to do things, such as moving through the environment having to do actions for all minor things, like opening doors. I give this game a good 3/5.

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