Monday, October 4, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

The girl clung to Anna’s leg, her quaking fear seeped into Anna herself. She ran her hand through the girl’s hair, trying to calm herself down, more than to comfort the girl. “It’s going to be alright.” She had contemplated leaving the girl, but after what the girl did for Kyle, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Kneeling next to the girl, she grabbed her hands, “Sweetie, can you climb on my back like a piggy-back ride?”

In the girls tear filled eyes; Anna saw the creatures shambling toward her. Their growls drowned out her own fear. The girl nodded, wiped a tear away and with Anna’s help took up her spot on her back.

Hurrying to the corner, the girl’s grip tugged on Anna’s throat choking her, but she thought that it was better than the girl dropping off. She crouched at the corner of the roof; it was a good twelve feet drop and knew that she would bust something if she tried to make the jump so she started to dangle her legs over the edge.

They fell away, in the middle of the air, and a thought shot through Anna’s head. What if a creature was waiting for her? With this shocking fear, she lost her grip and fell off the roof. In midair, she twisted her body, not wanting to land on the girl, and landed hard on her side. The girl rolled away from Anna and in her dizzying disorientation, she struggled to her feet, and reached for the girl with her left arm. A mind clearing jolt of pain shot to her shoulder.

Her knees gave out on her, growls surrounded her and the girl didn’t appear to be moving. A grating sound of bone on something else filled her head and she cried out. Her shoulder had separated or broke, or something worse. Stomaching busting pain clenched down on her and she grabbed the ground with her right hand. The soft soil gave way to her fingers, sticking underneath her nails. The taste of bloody copper lined her tongue.“Shit.”

A buzzing sound began in the distance. She turned to it and found Kyle in the dune buggy. His eyes were filled with rage and a crazy glee played on his lips. “Suckers take that!”

He spun it around, dirt sprayed Anna, but she was so glad to see him. Creatures attacked the buggy, but he darted it through them like a master. Their bodies bounced off like bugs and remained on the ground as their limbs twisted in disgusting angles.

Fighting through the pain, Anna limped over to the girl and tried to lift her. She remained unconscious, so she started to drag her away from the house as creatures started to notice her. The girl’s dead weight tweaked her shoulder, sending a flare of blinding pain through her, but she gritted her teeth and continued to drag the girl. “Kyle!”

Her voice didn’t carry at all and she struggled with trying to get it louder. “Kyle!” She shouted, her throat burned, but it got Kyle’s attention. He did another 180, flinging creatures left and right and tore toward her. The buggy zipped up to her and he hopped out.

Creatures had started to shuffle their way again, but with Kyle’s help they got the girl into the passenger seat and Anna squeezed in next to her. Her shoulder flared up again, but she dealt with it since Kyle threw the buggy into gear. It zoomed off, leaving her uncle’s house behind them in a hurry.

“So Anna what do you want to do?” Kyle asked.

She didn’t know what to do, but she had to decide something before blacking out.

What should Anna do?

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