Monday, October 11, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

“I need to rest.” Anna’s body shook with pain. Her shoulder throbbed in its socket and she struggled staying conscious as Kyle zipped around the neighborhood in the buggy. Each jerk sent a jolt of pain to her shoulder that made tears leak out of eyes. A constant taste of vomit rose to the back of her throat with each painful turn. Darkness crept into the corner of her vision, she couldn’t handle it much longer.

“I’ll find a place, give me a minute.” Kyle swerved to avoid an abandoned car. The resulting clipping of the curb didn’t do anything for her shoulder.

“I can’t wait.” She cried out.

Kyle turned to her, slowing the buggy down. Creatures were sparse now, but still a few were shuffling toward them.

The girl remained silent; her wide inquisitive eyes looked up at Anna.

She didn’t know what else to do, but knew that if she didn’t get her shoulder fixed she wouldn’t be any use to Kyle if the creatures overwhelmed the buggy. She needed to get better. “Will you heal me?”

The girl nodded and rested her left hand on Anna’s shoulder. Coolness settled over Anna like she had opened the fridge on a warm evening. The pain subsided momentarily, and beneath the skin her bone shifted. Because of the numbing chill that enveloped her, the shifting within felt like someone was inside her putting her back together. It made her stomach twist and clench like she was about to vomit, but thankfully, she didn’t.

The girl’s hand glowed, the bones within clearly visible, like she was looking through an x-ray. Soon after she removed her hand, the chill vanished and with it all semblance of pain. She shifted in the seat and it didn’t hurt, nor did anything sound like bone scraping against concrete like it did before.

She could have hugged and kissed the girl and would have given her anything she wanted for the way she healed her.

“Amazing feeling isn’t it?” Kyle asked, his eyes searching her carefully.

She nodded. That was one way to put it, but they needed to find a place to rest now. The girl looked exhausted. Her eyes shut and she leaned against Kyle in a daze. Whatever she did must have sapped her energy.

Lots of questions filled Anna’s head, but they had to wait as the creatures were growing thick again. It wouldn’t take much longer before they were out of gas, and they didn’t have any idea where they were anymore. Far from home and surrounded by flesh eating creatures, it didn’t bode well for them if they ran out of gas without a plan.

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