Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sting of Rejection

As you know, I have started to query again. Only sent out five so far, but each one still has hope attached to it.

Now I've gotten rejections back on two so far, and despite knowing the odds, the rejections still make you doubt your talent and skill. It's not enough for me to give up on such a small sample, but still those thoughts creep back into your head.

What do you do to fight that feeling of inadequacy? Me? I edit, polish, write, something to keep me busy. I don't dwell on the negative for long. You can't. Us writers have a tendency to linger on things like criticism too long at times, and it is counterproductive. So I try to do the opposite and become more productive. It doesn't always work, but at least I try. I do have one rule though, that I give querying my current novel a month before I start on another project. That is usually about 40 queries in that time, maybe more if I'm feeling daring, but I use the time to evaluate my writing and work on coming up with a new idea.

How many of you out there are also joining in on the query adventure for this new year? How are you doing? Any requests? Any feedback from agents? I want to celebrate the querying and dedication to seek that next step in your writing.

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