Monday, February 27, 2012

The excitement of a new idea

This past week, I've been mulling over a new story idea. Something different than my normal stuff. It's going to be set a little bit more based in reality with a little bit of a futuristic slant to it. I have written only the opening scene so far, and I am still playing with the name of the main characters. This is probably the most exciting and fun moment in writing. The fresh idea.

It makes you believe anything is possible, lots of tangents flow from your mind and everything seems to click in your mind. The only bummer is that sometimes, when you do this from the seat of your pants like I do, it's hard to focus on the best details, so you go through a lot of fluff.

I could outline, but then that takes some of the excitement out of writing the story, because everything is planned out and organized. I don't know, what do you think about new ideas? Do you love them and cherish them, or do you interrogate them to find whether or not it lives up to the possibilities of being a full fledged novel?

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