Monday, February 6, 2012

Passive Voice

Thanks to my critique buddies, I have discovered a lot more about writing than I ever thought I would. The connection between writers, even of different genres is amazing.

This weekend, I learned a lot about passive voice. Mainly that I use it a bit too much, which brings me to my other point, how to fix it.

You want to write with action, you want the reader to be there with your characters, and you can't do that if things are happening to them. The characters need to drive the story forward. This idea goes along with show don't tell because usually when you are telling the story, you are generally being passive in your writing. You want to avoid "to be" verbs, such as "was," "were," and "to be." These are just a few of the ones you want to watch out for, but there are many others. There are numerous resources out in the world, but one of the most invaluable one you can find is fellow writers to read through your work and point these out.

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