Monday, January 30, 2012

NFL Pro Bowl 2012

Now I'm one of the biggest fans of the NFL around, yet I still can't be bothered to watch the Pro Bowl.I like the idea behind the game, the best are celebrated, but I think having it before the Super Bowl has the opposite effect of what the league wanted. They wanted more people to watch it, which I'm not sure it does, because all of the news is on the Super Bowl during this time. Even during the pregame show for the Pro Bowl, they were talking  about the teams arriving for the Super Bowl.

The great thing about the game is the fact that it showcases the game in high scoring fashion, such as yesterday's 59 - 41 game. This is a good thing for the game, because fans like to watch high scores, so it doesn't disappoint in that respect. I do like the fact that they are using various methods to get fans involved, like this year they introduced Twitter to the game. Which drums up some interest, but as a whole having it before the Super Bowl sort of makes it overshadowed when it could be shining.

I don't think they will change it anytime soon, because with it after the Super Bowl it was even worse in terms of people watching and caring, but I think they need to do something to make it more exciting. The interaction with the fans is going in the right direction, and more of that will definitely help it in the long run. I also think the fact that the Super Bowl players don't go to the game is a good thing for the players, but a bad thing for the game as usually some big stars are pulled because of the Super Bowl.

Overall the Pro Bowl is like All Star games for most other sports, no one really watches them, but they are a good recognition for the players.

What do you think about the All Star games in sports? Do you watch them? What makes them interesting to you? What would make you watch them?

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