Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm back!

This sounds familiar, but I'm back from my blogging hiatus. Honestly, I had a good time, but did miss blogging just a bit. I'm still going to stick with my three day a week schedule as that will work best for me.

So a bit of a summary of the time while I was gone.

I received feedback from 4 different readers on my book, most thought it worked well, but needed some work. So I put the work in like any good writer. Now I think I have a pretty polished manuscript and hope to start querying soon, my aim is next week or so.

On the non-writer front, I had a good Thanksgiving and busy Christmas. My new work position schedule of 1pm-10pm sort of sucks, but at least it's only Monday through Friday.

I picked up a Kindle Fire for myself in November, and will have a full review by Monday.

My oldest daughter turned 11 in December and my youngest son turns 3 tomorrow, so now I'm planning a birthday party among other things.

So this week I've began working on the synopsis for my book. I know. I know, such horror, but it needs to get done. I need it to find an agent. Now it is hard, but I'll slam through a draft by tomorrow and hopefully get some feedback on it over the weekend.

How were all of your, my faithful followers, Holidays? Seeya Friday.