Thursday, January 21, 2010

A writer's doubt.

I was inspired by my friend Elana Johnson's blog entry, which you can find at:,+Author)&utm_content=Google+Reader

She's brings up the worry's that most(all) writers feel at one time or another. We all are a bit worried about stuff like whether or not people will like what we write. This leads to worries of getting an agent, finding a publisher, getting an audience.

I am completely guilty of these same sort of worries, but maybe not the same level as Elana happens to be. Yes, I worry about those things, but I believe that as long as I write what I enjoy everything will work itself out. The only problem with this currently is that I lack a good idea that really has me motived. I'll find one eventually though, just need to keep tasting the different flavors before one catches on. But what do I know, Elana has an agent, I don't. Maybe I should worry more about it.

What do you guys thinks, do you believe as I do, that things will work themselves out and worrying about them are just going to make things worse? Or do you believe that worrying helps motivate you to get better at what you do? Maybe I'm just in denial and worry more than I realize. Anyway, thank you Elana for the wonderful post, I think she wrote it better than I could, but it stuck with me, so I decided to write my own post on it as well.

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