Friday, January 15, 2010

Poker Finale Part 2

(Looks like everyone is riveted waiting for my picks.)

Now on with the main reason that you have stuck with me for another day, my predictions of the outcome of the Final Twelve. If not you can leave now, I won’t hold it against you.

Now that that is situated, and you all get a chance to see what your opponents look like. Time for my predictions on how it will all unfold.

First out for the night is going to be: Will Pettis. The reasoning behind this is because his luck has been strong lately, and it tends to come in waves, unfortunately, his latest wave is going back out to sea, just like his chips.

The next out will be: Dave Evans. His style of play will get him in a lot of hands, unfortunately this time his river outs won’t hit. He will last until the 3rd round though. (History will not repeat itself, as I will last a bit longer this year, hopefully)

Next is: And first out of Table 2 will be Jack Barr. his tight conservative style will keep him in longer than others, because he will be reluctant to play up to the speed of the final game, and he will bleed chips when people raise him a lot with sub par hands and he will fold the better hand.

Next up is: Matt Giffen. It will be a big hand, he has the hand on the flop but someone is going to suck out on him and since Dave isn’t in the hand it will be someone else for a change.

Final 8 Table (If Kevin goes this way. He could wait to make it the final 7.)

Next is: Jem Lechner, who gets knocked out soon after the tables merge as he was short stacked and just had to go all in with the first good hand he had. Unfortunately his King doesn’t hit.

A few hands later, Gordon Austin will be knocked out by Natilee, who trapped him with a full house on the flop while Gordon hit the flush on the river.

Soon afterwards, Rob Foglesong will be knocked out as he mis-reads Kevin for a big hand and gets knocked out by Kevin’s two pair. He will not be getting his missing trophy as he has placed 2nd and 3rd in the previous years. Sorry Rob, as you would say, “that’s how I roll.”

This leaves us with Natilee, John, Joe, Dan, and Kevin for the final five. With the chip leader being Kevin.

The play will go back and forth for a while with people moving chips around the table with Dan Koppe playing the right hands, just ending up with the second best hand a few too many times. The final nail in his coffin is Natilee taking him out with a four on the river to hit the only pair on the board after Dan goes all in with Ace Queen. His luck seems to have run out after winning the double point’s game. (I know how it feels Dan. It’s a curse.) He will still be the player of the year in all our hearts, except for maybe Kevin.

Next out is Joe Teiteltaum. His play will bring him a lot of chips to begin with, but soon he will start to siphon them all away to the likes of Natilee and Kevin.

Leaving the final three to be Kevin, John, and Natilee with Kevin still playing the big stack against them. He tries it one too many times as he tries to take out Natilee and John in consecutive hands but they both double up through him with top pair and him missing his straights.

This evens the table out a bit more until Natilee hits her higher flush with a four card flush after John Sankovich made a Queen high flush on the flop.

With John still stunned by the hand, Natilee makes short work of Kevin Lichtenberg with trips against Kevin’s two pair to finish off the tourney in first place. The first woman to do so in the game and her second win of the year.

So those are my predictions and how I think things will shake out. Natilee is due a win, while John manages to get his first top-three placement in the final game ever. Kevin is content with a second place finish as he managed to place in the game after not doing so the previous year.

So a summary of the final game is in this order, from first out to first place
12:Will Pettis
11:Dave Evans
10: Jack Barr
9: Matt Giffen
8: Jem Lechner
7: Gordon Austin
6: Rob Foglesong
5: Dan Koppe
4: Joe Teiteltaum
3: John Sankovich
2: Kevin Lichtenberg
1: Natilee Harrison

Oh yeah, here's a picture of our CHAMPION: (And, see Dan, you still get to enjoy the prize.)

P.S. If I offended anyone with my predictions or comments please forgive me and know that this was done for purely entertainment value. Look forward to seeing how it all comes out this Saturday at 8pm.

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