Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WiP Wednesday

So just a quick update today with regards to my three current works in progress (one Being in second draft stage). The snowflake method I mentioned has been a little shaky for my first time doing it. So far I have reached Step 4 and started Step 5 for some of the characters. However, I'm not itching to start writing the books. The odd thing, and I think this is the main thing holding me back is the difference in the two stories. One is very grown up and tending toward a more adult audience, while the other one is geared toward the younger teen crowd. Currently jumping back and forth between the two is fun, but ultimately unproductive.

Now I have to ask you my fellow writers, and readers of this blog, how do you decide which project to work on if you are debating between two? Do you do, like I've been contemplating, flip a coin, or actually take on both projects at once. Or should I work on editing my first draft of my other WiP and let the other two stew for a bit more?

I want to hear from you, how do you decide these troubling questions?

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  1. I have that problem at the moment - plus a cold, which has drained all my brain power. ;-)

    I have a half-finished WiP and two (used-to-be) finished novels in need of rewrites. Thank you, critique group, for finding the flaws!

    But now I can't decide on which to work on first. Sigh.