Friday, January 8, 2010

Big Game Saturday Night

Look at all those potential's. When it all comes down to it, it will be down to 12.

For those that are currently reading this blog, mainly my writer friends, I am an avid poker player. Love the game, probably third thing on my list of things I value. I think it would go, Family and Friends, Writing, Poker, then somewhere after that work, video games and movies.

Anyway, this Saturday is the final points game of the year. Every year we have a leaderboard and the top 12 in points face off for a grand prize of a buy in at a poker tournament at a casino in Oregon. This year I started off slow and managed to climb myself back up to 5th place, while some of the more interesting battles are between the final spot and the one person trying to take it as well as Kevin, the host of the poker game trying to take the player of the year award from another friend of mine Dan. It should be a great night with lots of fun, sadness, maybe even tears.

For those of you around the Oregon area you can check out the poker website at There you can find out the information about the games, the people that partake with pictures and such as well the current leaderboard and when future games will be held.

Oh a small side note is that for the past three years, I have won this game and gotten knocked out very early in the final game, so here's hoping that I don't follow that in the new year. Good luck all and look forward to taking your chips, and pride tomorrow night.

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