Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year and a New Blog

So as you might have guessed, one of my New Year's resolutions happened to be trying to establish a better web presence. I started with my website,, and that is a special thanks to my friend Kevin who did all the work on it. Since this is pretty much just an introduction to me and what I plan to do for this blog, I'll say this.

I plan to use this as a place to allow people that don't know me that well to get to know me better. This will reveal itself through many avenues. I'm not one to rely solely on my writing as that isn't my only interest. It's a big one, but not the only one. I plan to also write about my poker exploits, my family things, my video game conquests and reviews, movies I've seen and reviewed, and of course my pursuit of my writing goals.

So to start this off, I'm going to leave it open for comments, and questions. What kind of stuff are you looking to know about me? Ask me anything and I'll be honest about it. I'm not going to shy away from anything. Anyways, this is probably enough of my jabbering, now time to advertise this blog on various avenues that I have access to.

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