Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PS3 Game Review "Darksiders"

I'm not one to do a review of something that I haven't completed, so after playing this game for the last two weeks, I feel qualified to provide a review.

I thought that graphics were well done, very crisp, easy to see what was going on and didn't notice any lag or screen tearing on the PS3 version. However, on the Xbox 360, I've heard of some, but didn't experience any in the PS3 version. One thing that I liked about the art style they chose, was that the enemies were large, menacing and reminiscent of the old days with games like "Legend of Zelda." Also the detail that they were able to accomplish in the environments helped add to the dire situation that you were roaming around in. Destroyed cars, cracked streets, collapsed building, etc. All add to the post apocalypse sights.

The controls were very tight and responsive for the most part. They were simple and made combat more fun then some games I've played like this. This was mainly accomplished because there were primarily three attack buttons depending on what you wanted to do. Because the controls were easy and responsive, the combos that you can pull off with a few quick button presses were impressive. However, the controls did have a few quirks, such as dash and block being on the same button made blocking more of a chore than it needed to be. I think I only blocked a few times and most of those were to complete a challenge that required it. Other than that, dash was safer and more useful. There are a wide variety of combos, and moves you can earn through the game, (By buying them from a vendor like character.) which was nice to add variety to the combat as well.

The sound of the game was well done. I especially found the voice acting of War (the guy you control) to be well done. I've read where some people thought that the voice acting was good in some spots, not so much in other spots, but I disagree. I found all the characters were well done and it added to the immersion in the world. Even some of the small baddies, have speaking parts which I thought was nice and it was a pleasure to shut them up after they talked trash. The music in the game helped really set the tone of the game. I especially liked the boss fights music, had me pumped up to face the beasts.

This game wasn't the most difficult game I've ever played, as I beat it on the Hard (Apocalyptic) on my first play through with minimal problems, except for one boss who will remain nameless as to not spoil anything. Most of the puzzles you encounter in the game aren't that hard to figure out. Basically if you have played and beaten a few Zelda games, then these puzzles won't stump you for long.

The most important thing to me is this, so if I finished the game, its usually a good sign that the story was strong throughout. I'm not going to spoil it, but I felt the reasons you are doing everything were well done and based on War's character very believable. If you want a summary of the story without any spoilers, it goes: War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is on a mission to find out who brought about the end of the world and laid the blame on him.

I would give this game an easy 9/10 with the only real knock being that it was bit too short, and later in the game it becomes a bit repetitive as you are searching for something that makes you run all over the world. It wasn't that bad as the world and controls were awesome, but it was a little unnecessary as it added length that would have been better used in a stand alone dungeon than what they did.

If I wasn't so broke, I would have bought the game as it is definitely worth the $60. I actually think you can find it online at some places for $40 now, but it's worth it so if you get a chance you should check it out.

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