Monday, August 16, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

Shaking off of the tension, Anna sat down next to Kyle. Her heart raced and Donovan’s face remained stoic, completely without emotion. His hazel eyes glimmered in the early morning sunlight as it rose in the distance. The lines in his face made him seem older than those eyes told her he would be.

“How did you survive?” Donovan asked, staring directly at Kyle. He didn’t make any eye contact with Anna since the moment she found him.

She thought back to when this whole mess began. The night Kyle was supposed to take her out for a good night with some friends had turned into a disaster the moment her father tried to fight off that infected man. The shriek of her mother’s scream made her skin crawl and she jerked involuntarily.

Donovan’s gaze flicked to her as she lowered her head. Something about him made her feel uncomfortable. She shivered and raised her eyes toward him. “Kyle saved me from my parents.”

At the mention of his name, Kyle smiled, and looked at Anna. She reached for his hand and he muttered, “I think were more than even now.”

“What brought you guys here?” Donovan asked, without any sort of acknowledgement of their moment.

“This is my uncle’s house. We thought that it might be a safe place where I could find some medical supplies.” Anna said. Having Kyle back helped focus her. She turned to the girl and Donovan rose out of his seat.

“Don’t look at her.” He said in a voice that didn’t seem possible coming from such a large man.

Anna slunk away from Donovan’s large size. “I didn’t—“

“She’s my daughter. That’s all you need to know.” Donovan said as he glared down at Anna and Kyle. Any comfortable feeling that they had evaporated that moment.

“I wasn’t…” She didn’t finish as Donovan seemed to grow angrier the more she talked.

“What are your plans next?” Donovan sat back down. He seemed much more likeable now that he was back in control.

She fidgeted at his gaze and shrugged like the little girl that she felt like right now. Donovan scared her. How did he manage to heal Kyle so quick? How did he get into the house while she was sleeping, or was he always here? She ran the thoughts through her head as she looked at Kyle.

Kyle groaned and pulled himself up to a seated position. The wound on his shoulder seemed to glow red from possible infection, but he didn’t pay any mind to it. “I want to get the military to help us.” Kyle said.

Sweat broke out onto Kyle’s forehead and she urged him to sit back down.

“No. No. No!!!” The girl in the corner screamed. Her voice made the window quiver and Anna’s skin crawl.

Donovan dropped to a knee next to the girl in a moment, caressing her like a worried father would do. He spoke to her in hushed tones and she started to calm down.

Anna looked at Kyle hoping that he understood the fear that coursed through her. She wanted to figure out how to proceed next and Donovan seemed like a person with a screw loose.

What should Anna do?

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