Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finished with draft 5 of my current novel

So this is a small posting to celebrate the 5th version of my novel is completed.

Now I need to print it out and go at it in paper format to really get a birds eye view of the entire story structure.

What are some of your strategies when you have to fix overall story structure things? Mine is going to be to print it out, and go through it with a red pen, making special notes at the beginning and ending of each chapter on what needs to be corrected, and filled in, as well as a summary of that chapter and how it fits in with the whole story.

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  1. When I need to make large changes, I create a chapter outline, and list all scenes within each chapter. That way I can quickly find the scene that needs tweaking or moving - or, heaven forbid, deleting.

    I hate deleting so much, I create new files with the scene name and hide them away. Just in case:
    a) I want it back, or
    b) I can use it in a different book. (I wrote a whole book around one scene I'd deleted.)