Sunday, August 1, 2010

Drama pt 2.

Continuing from yesterday, I was talking about drama and some examples of how it works in a current show that I'm watching, "Make it or Break it."

The reason that this interested me as well as the examples I mentioned yesterday was the fact that I deal with teenagers in my books, as many of my followers might as well. So watching the way that the drama unfolds, and how these girls, who work with each other every day for hours on end get along despite this drama is wonderful.

Now this show does its share of a couple cliche's from time to time, but its bound to happen in series like these, because they draw up an easy to spot flaw, or weakness.

Drama is the centerpiece of great books. Without drama, there is no action, and without action, there is very little for the reader to get involved in and follow. Who would really want to read a book where the character just sits there and mentions how perfect their life is, no one? Maybe someone, but still, it just doesn't work for the majority of readers.

So my advice to you, is go to your current Work in Progress, and stir up some drama, it will be fun, trust me. Make best friends turn on each other, make lovers hate each other, just something to cause a bit of a stir to the pot that you have brewing.

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