Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I've been doing this for a whole 7 full months now and just wanted to let my fellow readers know the goals that I'm striving for with the blog.

I want to get up to 30 followers by the end of the year. That's only 11 more, so its doable. I've had 19 for a while now, and I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to get anything more. But if any of my readers have any suggestions on how to improve the blog, or my posts, even topics that you would like me to post, I'm open for suggestions. You can reach me at my email, which I will post below.

I also want to get some guest bloggers to post from time to time, but not sure how to go about asking. Any tips, once again let me know.

I would also like to guest blog on others blogs if they would want me. Not sure I'm ready, but I'll never know unless I try, right?

So those of my main goals for the rest of the year regarding the blog.

You can reach me at


  1. I've noticed that the best way to get more followers is to comment on other blogs, whether I'm following them or not. Folk wander back to look at my blog.

    But I'm not toooo worried about working on more followers - until I get an agent. Once publication is more than a pipe dream, I plan to work hard at getting noticed. :-)