Monday, March 29, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

After looking back into the house, they were already streaming back through the door. Some heading their direction, other’s heading up the steps again. Kyle grabbed Anna’s hand and led her to her back fence.

“What if they are just waiting for us over there?” She said. The fear in her eyes made Kyle second guess himself for a moment, but then he interlocked his hands.

“It’s better than staying here.” He glanced toward the house. The first creature hit the sliding glass door. Its growl vibrated against the glass as it clawed at them. More would be coming. The glass wouldn’t hold forever.

“Come on.” He looked at her. Her eyes were sullen and her lips were pressed tight into a thin pink line. She lifted her foot into his hands and he jerked as the first pane of glass in the door shattered. He hoisted her up, his back tightened for a moment from exhaustion.

She pulled herself up and over the fence and he let out a low gasp. Standing up, he jumped against the fence and flipped himself over into the darkness below. He landed with a thud and a shock ran up his legs. That would hurt in the morning. Anna grabbed his hand, and his knuckles cracked at her grip.

“I heard something.” Her voice quivered.

He didn’t, but pulled her closer. The faint aroma of her sweat stung his eyes. He leaned into to her ear. “Can you run?”

The tickle of her hair against his cheek confirmed that she could. He gripped her hand and took off. No chance of them being cornered as he pulled her behind him. At the end of the alley, the street light shined bright against the wet pavement. Not a single sight of anyone or anything, just like he wanted.

Upon reaching the mouth of the alley, his perception changed. A chorus of screams came from a small single story house on the corner. Inside, the flickering lights of a television revealed the gruesome dismantling of a woman trying to open the window. First a chunk of her right arm disappeared into a mans mouth, and then a piece of her neck ripped out by a small girl who had leapt onto the woman’s back. Her blood smeared as she slid down out of view.

Nails cut into Kyle’s palm and he turned to Anna. About to blow, he followed her wide eyed gaze. A young kid stood on the top of a minivan. Three of the creatures were trying to get him, but he kept them at bay with a tee-ball bat.

“We have to do something.” Anna muttered and started toward the boy.

Kyle pulled her back. They hadn’t seen them yet and they could still make it to safety. “What do you want me to do?”

She turned to him, stunned into silence. Her cheeks flushed and hair stuck to her forehead. She looked lost like a child and it hurt his heart. He loved this woman, but right now she was being thick headed. He didn’t have time for this.

What should Alex do?

1.) Try to save the boy on the minivan?

2.) Lead Anna out of the street and toward safety?

3.) Let Anna try to save the boy while he escapes?

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