Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Percy Jackson Book Review

So I reviewed the first book a while back and have now read books 2-4. I am getting the feeling that the best thing about these books, is the mythology. The characters are pretty well developed, and the story is alright.

Still the thing that bothers me is the lack of any closure in the books. They all are so entwined that if you were to read book 3 first, you would be lost in the overall scheme of the world. The author does some tying together with the other book plots, which is nice for those that have read them, but if you didn't it would come across as a log line of those books.

I can't say I mind it too much, because the world that the author has created is very deep and lovingly handled. I think its because I have read all of them so far. I don't like to spoil things so I'm not going to, but some of the elements that carry over need to be carried over, otherwise the books wouldn't be quite as interesting.

I would recommend it to anyone, as long as they like Greek Mythology, and could handle the lower age group that the books are intended for. I'll post another review in a couple weeks about the entire series.

Thanks for reading.

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