Monday, January 24, 2011

You can't call them Zombies!

“Fine, let’s do this.” Kyle’s stomach growled as he stood before the reaching man. He was starving and this was better than going on without food.

“We need to find something we can kill it with.” Anna searched the surrounding area. The way that she moved, stalked, around the sidewalk gave Kyle the creeps. His skin crawled as she started to pick up shards of glass, none very big, and then turned to rocks.

Kyle’s gaze locked on the dead eyes of the man. His top lip had been torn away, dried blood caked his teeth and his neck had deep scratches along the jugular. A low guttural growl emanated from where his voice used to be. A name tag hung from his chest pocket, but the name was covered in blood and something that looked like tissue.

“Found it.” Anna said. She held a sharp rock in her left hand. “You do it.”

Kyle stared at the rock and noticed Anna’s hands. They were scratched, bruised and just looked like utter crap. What did this world do to us? He sighed and took the stone from her hand. Its weight felt about the weight of a brick, yet fit comfortably in his hand. Almost like it was made for this purpose.

The creature growled as he approached. It seemed to recognize the stone and stopped reaching. He almost shied away for a moment until Kyle stood before the bars. He needed the man closer, so when he clubbed him that he wouldn’t be too far away. “Come on.” He called to the man like a frustrating pet.

The man backed away until only the glimmer in his eyes was visible. An animal’s glare sat deep in the man’s eyes and he soon vanished into the dark.

“No.” Anna yelled. “This is crazy!”

Kyle lowered the rock, turning his back on the man. “He seemed too smart for us.”

Anna glared at him. Her fury like a storm that washed over him. He shivered and wondered why she was mad at him. Not like it was his fault that her plan failed.

Her glare disappeared as her jaw slackened. “Look out.” She darted toward him, but fatigue caught up to her and she stumbled up the curb. It was long enough that she didn’t make it before.

Kyle spun as the man rushed the cage; his hands locked around Kyle’s neck and pulled him toward the bars. He slammed into the iron, cutting his face and dropping the stone. He saw his own reflection in the man’s eyes. Kyle’s pulse raced as he regained his bearings. The man was strangling him and his body reacted accordingly. He jerked and tried to punch the man, but his fist grazed the man’s head, taking off a small piece of dead flesh.

Anna appeared at his side, her balled up fists slamming against the man’s grip, but the man didn’t even give her a glance. His full attention was on Kyle and the feast that he was.

The man’s grip tightened. Stars popped in front of Kyle’s vision as the man moved closer. His mouth open; the smell of death closing in and Kyle couldn’t do anything.

Despite Anna’s help, the man didn’t hesitate to pull Kyle tighter against the bars. The iron crushing Kyle’s cheek bones. The pain excruciating as it ratcheted up along his face.

Using the last bit of his strength, he dropped his hands against the man’s wrists and heard a pop. The creature didn’t seem to care as his grip tightened again.

“Let him go. Kyle don’t give up.” Anna picked up the rock and slammed it against the man’s arms. More bone breaking and one hand fell away.

Kyle faded. His knees weakened as darkness crept into his vision. Then a huge burst of pain from his cheek erupted. The man had bitten him, the burning, his heart raced like it was trying to burst from his chest and he screamed. He didn’t care if it attracted the entire population of the creatures. This one had enough. His grip around Kyle’s throat loosened and he felt the creature picking into his cheek.

His fingers probed around like he was searching his underwear drawer for something to wear. The pain faded as he knew shock was setting in. This was it.

He turned to her and she stood there in shock, her face pale, her hands covering her mouth and she slumped into the ground. She had tried and failed. It was her plan that got him into this situation and now he had a hole in his cheek.

Kyle would have stepped toward her, but the creature got hold of his hair and slammed him back into the bars. His skull split, warm blood ran down the back of his neck. Anna seemed to snap too and brought the rock back up and hit the creature in the head before it could do anymore damage. As the creature’s grip released, Kyle slumped to the ground and covered his cheek. Blood ran through his fingers. He couldn’t talk, didn’t want to waste the energy.

Over the crest of the hill they had passed over minutes before he saw the silhouette of someone. Could be creature or something else. He pointed with one shaking hand. Anna didn’t follow his finger, instead collapsed against his chest. Her warm tears soaking into his sweatshirt. He still loved her.


  1. Hmm. Do I get the feeling you're getting tired of this story? Or do you want to explore Kyle-the-zombie? Unless the newcomer is bringing the girl, who can heal Kyle ... But Kyle wouldn't be the same afterwards, would he.

  2. Oh I've got a plan, not really tired of the story, more like trying to throw a curve ball. Maybe it's not working, besides its kept going longer than I ever expected. I've reached 50 parts so far.