Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I got for Christmas?

Well I had a good Christmas with family and friends. Lots of time spent resting and reevaluating things for myself. I got a lot of good things for Christmas, but one thing that was not expected was getting a Kindle from my wife. It's just the WiFi one, but since I can store a lot of books on it and am at home every night, I don't think the 3g would be necessary for my use.

What were some of your things that you got over the holidays? Anything that you want to share? Anything you think was something funny or odd? Let me know, I am looking for some interesting comments to read this year, so be free and I will return the favor.


  1. That's awesome you got a kindle. I got a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. :)

  2. You should use it on a Nook, those are pretty cool as well. Or just buy a bunch of books :)