Monday, January 10, 2011

You can't call them Zombies!

Looking at the girl he had been with for two years in agony made his heart race. His palm slick with sweat and he looked at the one who caused her the pain. A small girl with blonde hair. Her eyes were wild with anger and a fury that he had never seen in a girl so young. Along her left hand fingers is the blood of his girlfriend, the green hue along the tips gave her blood a radioactive appearance.

“What are you doing? We are trying to help you?” Kyle pulled the girl away from Anna. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Anna’s skin blister immediately and blood trickled down her chin dropping onto her sweatshirt. Her limbs twitched and she moaned as unconsciousness must have helped her from dying.

The girl glared at Kyle, her lips rose in a sneer unlike any human. A pure predator trapped and threatened. Nothing like the little girl who he saved from a mad man not too long ago.

“She wasn’t going to hurt you, why did you do it?” He needed to hear her speak, wanted to see her guilt for what she did.

The girl didn’t regret it, her face gave that away, but she spoke. “She wanted to take me back to the army. They are the ones who are responsible for this. I’m not going back to them.”

“Okay, that’s cool, but really why hurt Anna?” The feeling of her name rolling off his tongue hurt his stomach.

“She deserved it.” The girl spat. Anger filled her words.

Pure vile rose in Kyle’s throat, he wanted to kill this little girl. He wanted to watch her suffer like she was making him suffer right now. He needed her though. Without her, Anna would die.

“Please heal her and we will go. We will just walk away.” Kyle pleaded. His voice caught in his throat and brought tears to his eyes.

The girl’s gaze softened, the hue from her hands changed to yellow.

He was reaching her. “Please.”

The girl reached over and touched Anna’s face where she earlier scarred her. The skin and blood slowly morphed back to its normal place. Anna gasped, her head rolled over toward the healing hand almost nuzzling it like a cat looking for love.

The girl removed her hand and turned to Kyle. “Go. Now”

Kyle clamored into the front seat and opened the passenger side door. Pulling on Anna’s arm, she stirred, and woke up.

Immediately she crawled her way out of the door, falling to the street below. Her mouth moved in mock screams, but nothing came out. She didn’t notice the cut on her cheek as she stood up and backed away from the jeep. Her eyes wild with fear and anger. “Kyle, we need to go.”

The girl’s face remained blank. Her eyes watching them inhuman like and it scared Kyle like he had never been scared before. His stomach clenched, his head buzzed and he followed Anna as she scurried for the farthest point of interest she could reach.

Kyle stopped at the crest of the hill. The jeep still sat silent, he could make out the girl in the back seat waiting, watching. The idea that she was the key flooded his mind and he itched to go back to her. Take her against her will to the Army and maybe they would keep them safe.

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