Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thinking about the blog

So I have been writing this blog for a year now, pretty amazing. I have learned a lot about myself during this time, and one of those things is that I don't know how to build an audience for my blog and honestly it is frustrating.

I want to get a bigger readership, yet feel that in the process of doing this I have neglected my other responsibilities, such as writing and that is the opposite of what my blog is about.

So in response, I think I'm going to be lowering my post counts to 3 times a week, unless the muse slaps me and something springs to mind that I absolutely must post about.

I am making a promise to my 42 followers that I will at least post 3 posts a week with occasionally posting more than that. I hope none of you leave me during this time and stick with me because I would love to share any news with you in the future.

If you have any suggestions to things I could do that you would like feel free to post it in the comments section and I will accommodated you.


  1. At three a week, you're doing far better than I am at once a month. I need to get blog-inspired.

    If you want more followers, you really need to comment on other blogs. I'm told the trick is to comment early on (the first 5 or 10), and say something witty or interesting so people click through to your blog to see what else you have to say.

  2. Yeah, the problem is I live on the west coast and it seems by the time I get to read any blogs, there are already 50+ comments.

  3. I know. I'm only in Texas, and I'm waaaaaay too late to comment on the morning blogs.

    I know of two that post around 11 or midnight my time that you could try. "Paperback writer" is Lynn Viehl, who writes SF and urban fantasy, and "Mystery writing is murder" by Elizabeth Spann Craig, who writes murder mysteries at Elizabeth often gives good writing advice, and Lynn occasionally does, but both are fairly popular. Someplace to start, anyway.

  4. Hi John! I hear ya--it's hard to build followers. The most success I've gotten (which is still modest at best) is to comment on a lot of other peoples' blogs. The trade off is how much time it takes. I don't think it's worth cutting into "writing time," ya know? Plus, you gotta enjoy blogging or you can get burned out...I decreased to 3 days a week too b/c 5 posts a week was just too much to manage.

    Good luck!