Monday, July 12, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

“There has to be another way, maybe some way that they aren’t watching or something.” Kyle said grabbing Anna’s hand.

She glanced at him. The warmth from her hand matched the fire in her eyes. The fear of life being over settled in her eyes and she sighed. “Fine. What do you suggest?”

Kyle took in the area. Large, thick bushes and trees lined the area to their left, and the right was barren dirt and rocks, a few creatures scrambled through the debris. Their growls cut short in a flurry of gunfire.

“Let’s go up that way, and see if we can find a less guarded way.”

She slid it in reverse, spun the wheel and sped up toward the barren dirt area. The buggy rocked and rattled, but kept its self upright. Dirt spit up as the buggy hugged a corner.

Despite the close proximity of the rounds, Anna remained calm and kept the vehicle on the path. A creature jumped onto the buggy, its snarling teeth and decayed hands grabbing for Anna.

Panic seized Kyle and he drove the crowbar into the creature’s skull. It looked at him for a moment with anger before tumbling off of the buggy.

Keeping a look out for any sort of opening, Kyle didn’t see a creature which grabbed him by the back of the shirt. As Anna sped on, he was torn from the cabin. The creature hung on and they both went tumbling toward the military compound.

“Open fire!”

Kyle didn’t get a chance to react as bullets shot up dirt around him, turning the creature into a fine blood mist before him. He turned on the balls of his feet and darted toward safety. The buggy was already returning. Panic sank into Anna’s face as she kept her eyes on him.

Then it hit him, a bullet clipped his left shoulder. The pain rocked him in an instant and he dropped to the dirt. Dust filled his nose and mouth. More bullets sprayed up dust around Kyle as they continued to fire.

Clawing his way up through the dirt, he reached the buggy as more bullets rained down on them. Stupid military, always thinking that guns are the first solution to a problem. The pain his shoulder didn’t let up and he barely kept conscious as he pulled himself into the buggy. His left arm hung to his side, blood ran down his arm in a steady river. He struggled to find a comfortable position as the buggy shot away from the compound.

“I’m so sorry.” Anna screamed with tears running down her face. “I didn’t see that one.”

“It’s not your fault, we need to find medical help before I bleed to death.” Kyle said through his gritted teeth. He blacked out from the pain. The last thing he remembered was the faint sparkles of light.

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  1. Darn! Blogger still won't let me vote!!!

    My vote goes to:
    Try to find a house and patch up Kyle herself

    Hurray! Anna's finally getting her act together. But poor Kyle! At least the zombie didn't infect him.