Sunday, July 25, 2010

Salt Review

So this weekend, for a surprise, my in-laws came by and gave us some money and told us to get out and go see a movie. It was for my wife's birthday on Sunday. The coolest gift ever and I have to say surprised me a lot. So after debating whether to see this or Inception, we decided to Salt.

So this movie was interesting. I liked it, but not for the reasons that I thought I would like it. The twists, and turns that this movie goes through are the most exciting things for me. It has you going one way, then flips the script on you, believably, and it works. It caught me off guard, but in a pleasant way.

Now like I normally do for my reviews, there is no spoilers here and I will leave the twist at that, but moving on.

The action was top notch, some of the coolest chase scenes in a long time, probably since Ronin.

The characters are what make the story turn. They are interesting, 3 dimensional characters that I can relate to on a human level, such as Salt's reaction to her pet dog, and husband.

So after all that, I would give this movie a solid 3.5 out of 5 as it could have been better, but that is because the Bourne series has sort of set the bar so high for these types of movies, however, it was great for what it was going for.

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