Monday, July 5, 2010

What to do while you wait for beta readers feedback?

So right now my WiP is currently in the hands of a beta reader, and I have found myself without something to do. I don't really have any projects that strike my fancy to work on currently, but have finding myself having the itch to write. This blog has sustained that itch a little. So I've been thinking about something things I probably should start to do. Since this is my third book, second one not part of a series, I have debated on started getting the query ready for it. Now, this should be the next step I guess, however, I'm not sure this book has a market. Maybe that's not for me to decide, and I should do it anyway, but that's hard to start.

So what do you guys do when you are in between projects and nothing really strikes your fancy? Do you just start hashing out a rough idea to see where it takes you? Do you work on marketing your current project? I'm up for ideas. Let me know in the comments.



  1. I start plotting the next one, creating characters, and trying to figure out the worst/best things that could go wrong in their lives. Writing the query and synopsis is a good idea, too. They seem to take FOREVER! ;-)

  2. Yeah, my query is taking forever right now. Always so hard to narrow down a book into a few paragraphs.

  3. John,
    Do you do research for your books? Maybe reading some far out books to give you ideas for your books.