Monday, June 28, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

Cutting through the crowded streets, Kyle clutched Anna’s hand. She had regained her strength and for the first time since the police incident, she seemed to be more her normal self. They were looking for anything that they could use to get out of town. Most cars were soaked with blood from their previous owners.

“Come on this way.” Anna said, tugging him to the right suddenly. He stumbled for a moment before regaining his balance.

She led him down a small alley, creatures were closing in on them and he didn’t think the small passage would be the best idea, considering they were weaponless. She stopped at a door with a pass code lock. Her fingers nimbly ran over the digits and the lock buzzed open.

He stood in awe for a moment as she pulled the large steel door open. “What was that?”

“This is my dad’s business. It’s the security entrance.” She said as she pulled him inside. Moments upon the door closing, the creatures slammed into it. Their growls vibrated against the door as they smashed against it in a wave.

Spinning around, Kyle took in the dim room. The only light coming from the steel shuttered windows. Creatures had broken the glass, so the stench of death floated amongst the scent of gasoline. While he searched the room for a weapon, he had a wide variety to pick from, wrenches, clubs, saws, and anything a normal mechanic would have.

The moment the door had shut, Anna hurried into the office. She tossed things around as she searched, cussing and kicking things as she did. He thought of bugging her, but instead loaded up a duffel bag with a pair of crowbars, and wooden clubs. The chainsaw tempted him, but he left it behind as he had seen too many movies where it ends up killing the good guys instead of the creatures.

Creatures had started to take notice of them banging around inside the building as they pressed against the steel gate. Their growls and hungry eyes following him as he looked for the reason that they were here. He remembered Anna’s father was a mechanic, but never had any sort of vehicle that was reliable beyond a few months.

“Got it!” Anna said. She came out of the office holding up a small single key.

“Okay, what’s that for?” He asked. “We don’t have time to really get broke down.”

“Oh this won’t break down.” She said and started across the room.

She pulled a sheet off of a lump in the corner. Underneath the sheet, a two-seater dune buggy sat.

“Um, honey, that has no windows. They can just grab us right through there.” He stated the obvious.

She glared at him. “They have to stop us first.”

Kyle didn’t like the idea, and felt a weight sink into his gut as he thought of a way to express to her his reservations about this gently. “That’s a death trap.”

She shook her head. “Then you can stay here.” She wasn’t going to take his crap anymore I guess.

Looking around the room, Kyle didn’t see any other vehicle in one piece. It was either the dune buggy or back out there on foot.

What should Kyle Do?


  1. Ooooo! A dune buggy can go just about anywhere on very little gas. (Well, the buggies of my imagination can, I've never owned one.)

    This will be fun!

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