Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art or Entertainment? (continued)

So last week I asked you what you felt about novels, is it art or entertainment, and why? ( So after sifting through the massive amounts of feedback on the topic, (0 replies) I figured I would start off with saying that I believe it can be both, but myself, I strive for entertainment first and foremost. I want my reader to be entertained, get wrapped up in the story, and really be able to forget about their real life for the time they are reading my work.

I use movies, video games, books, and many other things to escape the harsh stresses of life. So I try to do that with whatever I create. I really enjoy getting feedback from readers, saying that they sat down and started reading, and then realized that two hours flew by.

I'm not saying that artistic novels can't do the same sort of thing, however, I don't strive for it. Maybe that makes me lowbrow, or not as good of a writer as others out there, but I know what my goals are and its not to be an artist, but to be an entertainer.

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  1. I mostly read for entertainment,even biographies.
    I like stories to reach for a goal such as a treasure or an ending where I feel good after I have finished the story.