Monday, June 21, 2010

You can't call them Zombies!

Looking at Anna, Kyle knew he had to do something and her dragging ass like this wasn’t going to cut it. He darted down the hall, meeting the hungry eyes just on the other side of the door. He slid to a stop, turned back to Anna, his heart in his throat. The girl was free upstairs, but he had faced these things one on one before.

Tearing his eyes away from Anna, he started up the steps, and each step proved harder than the last. For one thing, he has the creatures banging along the door and walls downstairs, and one upstairs that seemed to have uncanny sonar on flesh.

Reaching the top of the steps, the silence tore at his skull like a pair of woodpeckers. He gripped the smooth, polished banister and started toward the door where the girl came from. Her blood had dripped across the carpet, but it gave him no sense of where she was now.

He reached the splintered door and peaked inside. The woman remained on the ground, the rocking chair overturned, and nothing else. The door caved inward when he touched the door knob and immediately, a growl came from somewhere in the house. His nerves set off like firecrackers and he jumped to the woman, the chain holding the key stuck to the blood drying on her chest.

Not worrying about anything, he tore at the key, and her head snapped up and down with his frantic tugs. Growling grew louder. He ripped at the chain again, and her eyes popped open. Red, bloodshot, dead eyes shot at him.

He jerked back and slipped in a puddle of blood on the carpet and his shoulder popped. It echoed in his ear as he saw the woman reach for him. Her pale hands, splattered with spots of blood wrapped around his sneak. Her teeth gnashed through the opening in her cheek.

“Get off.” Kyle kicked, but she absorbed the blow with little movement. Fresher, meant stronger, Kyle thought. He pulled his legs away from her as she bit down where his toes were moments before. Not registering what was going on, Kyle sprung up and dove through the doorway.

The woman was up and after him like her daughter. He stood, twisted on his toes, and darted toward the nearest escape route. The bedroom. He rushed in, slammed the door and searched for his weapon.

Crash, the woman ran full steam into the door. It vibrated from the blow. The hinges held, but for how long? He tore open the closet door and it was empty. A single hanger rack hung across the opening. Desperate, he yanked on the wooden rack, it came free and he turned to face the door.

The woman continued crashing against it. He gripped the smooth wood in his hand, waving it to test its weight. He still had to get the key from the chain, and get back down stairs before the creatures got through.

The door splintered on the next blow. Bits of the woman’s gray hair poked through the cracks. He reared the bat back, ready to strike the moment the door gave way. His entire focus on the incoming threat. The door gave way a moment later. Not one, but the girl joined her mother in a haunting reunion.

Not hesitating, Kyle swung. The blow echoed in the small room, and up his arms. Blood shot out of the woman’s head in a fine mist. She collapsed into her daughter, and they both hit the ground. Going on pure adrenaline now, he dropped the wooden club into each of their heads until the wood snapped.

Blood coated the walls, his hands and a few sprinkles decorated his face. Not hesitating, he pulled the chain over the remains of the woman’s head. Darting down stairs, the front door caved in. He hit the bottom floor, as the creatures flooded in, all bent on devouring him.

He hopped over the man, who was just coming through. He didn’t have a chance to react as the creatures fell on him. His screams were delightful to Kyle as it bought him some time. He slide next to Anna, hoisted her onto her feet and began work on the lock. It pleasantly clicked open. The door swung open and into the wide open back yard. Holding Anna against him, Kyle dragged her across the back porch. Creatures had finished the man and came tearing after him.

Food must have been scarce, because there were dozens of them closing in on them.

“Anna. I need you to help me here.” Kyle panted, trying to keep a head of the herd which gained on him.

Anna regained her feet, and with her weight off of him, they were able to outrun the creatures. They were distracted by a few animals that were too slow to realize what was happening, becoming snacks for the group.

Racing back toward town, they saw more of the creatures milling around. All more than likely hungry.

What should Kyle do?


  1. Am I remembering wrong? I thought the girl zombie didn't have any legs.

    Go Kyle! If Anna doesn't get her act together, I'm going to vote the zombies eat her.

  2. Lol, I think the next section will feature more of Anna doing good again.

    Wow, I'm having trouble remember her legs, I know she was in a rocking chair, and her feet were banging against the wall. That's the only downside of doing this once a week.