Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Bad Guy's have feelings too.

What are some of the motivations of your antagonists? I've read that you should have a goal in mind for them, like what do they desire to make them more real? Mine currently are after the money, but that isn't good enough in my opinion. So I really sat down and started to think about what would motivate these guys to do the things that they are doing, and I started to really get in their heads. I found out that they think they are doing something to save the world from the protagonist. If they didn't think it was right and the only way to go, then why would they do it?

So my question to you, my fellow readers, is what do you use as a motivating factor of your current bad guys? Do they know it's wrong, or do they know its right? I'm interested to know on ways to make my antagonists more believable.


  1. My current bad guy thinks he's right. Of course, he doesn't have a real tight hold on reality ... But I try to show he has good reasons for being the way he is without excusing him.

    Is your blog dating messed up? I went back (via Older Post) to read the last Zombie story, and I can't find it.

  2. I'm not sure about that. I know I write them all on Sunday's and post them through the week. Not sure how to have them auto post. Maybe that is what messed it up.

    Here's the link to last weeks part: